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change log 2021

Substantive changes in this period include,

  • 2/13/21: Clean up treatment of defined operators in “Conditions for Definition.”
  • 2/7/21: Clean up “legitimacy” adjunct to T13.13.
  • 2/1/21: T13.73 updated to distinguish cases for \mathcal t equal to Sx and to Sy (x distinct from y).
  • 1/25/21: Repair definition of \mathit{sub}_n in 13.5.3 to set up \mathit{Prvpa}[\![\mathcal{P}]\!]^x_t. Corresponding changes in rest of section.
  • 1/5/21: \Sigma_{\!\star} definition in 13.5.2 clarified to make variables distinct.

For prior changes, see change log 2020. T.R.

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