Tony Roy

After more than 25 years at California State University San Bernardino, in roles including professor and chair of the Philosophy Department, I am retired. The aim is not to cease working, but to focus in new and productive ways.

I am married, with two girls, both grown up. I am a grandfather! At different times, I have been active in chess, music, basketball, volleyball and hiking; so I used to be fairly well-rounded! Now I spend a lot of time walking, stopping at rest points with my laptop. 

My education includes a BA in Physics, an MDiv in Theology, and the PhD in Philosophy. After the fact, I find a rationale for this educational path: At each stage, I was interested in issues that seemed to me to be fundamental. Even in philosophy, I’m interested in metaphysics and logic, which again seem fundamental. 

Prior to graduate school, I held positions working on computer hardware and software—drawing on the degree in physics, and working in a church—drawing on the degree in theology. I also held a job working on the space shuttle, where for a couple months my sole responsibility was to watch a certain power supply, and turn it off in case a red warning light came on. That light never did come on—and the boredom was excruciating. Anyway, it took me a while to find my way to philosophy, but I’m happy to have arrived!

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The bottle is of Liquid Logic (some kind of vitamin supplement a student found for me); I don’t know about its virtues, but I do recommend the real thing!

Outgoing Messages

For fun, here are some phone messages we’ve had from over the years. They represent a (probably misguided) attempt to suggest philosophy in just one or two sentences.

One of my daughters does music videos from different movies.  Here’s one for Casablanca she did for my birthday. Appropriate, since we watch that movie most every year on my birthday.

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